My name is ☆ KARAMATSU ☆ !!! you can call me Kara for short!! I'm 23, genderfluid, and usually default to he/him, though sometimes I go by she!! I'm an introject. Our host Phones is my ☆ DEAR LITTLE BROTHER ☆!!!

My favorite thing to read is poetry. My favorite Shakespeare play is Hamlet, and he is also a comfort character for me, as are Horatio and Ophelia~ I cannot say I have a favorite band or genre of music, though I am quite partial to classic rock. I have an ☆ OPEN MIND ☆ about music!!

My hobbies are playing guitar and looking at ☆ PERFECT FASHION ☆ online. I hope to someday dress as stylishly as I already do in my heart. Unfortunately, I have never written a song. Perhaps that will change in the near future!