(where are your parents)

hey we're the frost system! we're 19, birthday 01/22, you can use they/them or he/him if you aren't sure who it is. individual member info below!

🎧 phones / 🌸 nick / ⛓ scarlet

👑 sora / ✖ roxas

🔫 quill / ✨ kara / 🍭 licorice / 🍢 mochi

🦋 butters / 🚀 craig


also, added quill's page, finally! -phones

updated list of pages to make and added emojis. this should reference everyone you're likely to see fronting at this point? we'll see lol - phones

made kara's page. it's... cursed... there's too much glitter... - phones

did some minor formatting updates on lico and sora's pages - phones

we've been sick... bleh. anyway, it's bad, but i figured i'd go ahead and add my page, so that's done. also saved some other random blinkies i found on the computer so phones, sora, roxas check those out. (hopefully that'll get their attention...) -lico

sora's page is done!!! - sora

scarlet's page is done! - phones

put all my playlists on my page >:3 i'm not sure what all to do for scarlet's page, but i'll get a start on that today! - phones

nick's page is done! - phones

added nicks page, though hell have to be the one to make it look nice. im gonna get him stamps of his kintypes or something, we have a few already and i think hed like that. also i fixed the dates in the update section bc i have no idea what month it is. its fine. -roxas

added pictures for phones' kintypes, went ahead and wrote down everyone who needs their own page. also struggled like hell with making the update section look good... phones you can't just globally set center align for everything and expect it to look good. also, added my own page. i put some blinkies there. ill work on the others later maybe. im also going to stick some screencaps of phones saying stupid shit on his page to call him out so keep an eye out for those -roxas

site created... lots of construction still! pfft. throwback. added phones' page, though it still needs a lot of work. next to add: nick, scarlet, destiny twins, yukio, kara, lucas. -phones